What is the Inbound Marketing Ecosystem?

First, what is “inbound marketing“?


Inbound Marketing Methodology

Inbound marketing is the on-going and iterative process of attracting traffic online, converting that traffic into leads, closing those leads into customers, and then delighting customers so that they become fans, evangelists, and promoters.

Then an ‘ecosystem‘ is defined as:







So the Inbound Marketing Ecosystem represents my online collaborative community of interacting marketing and digital specialists focused on attracting strangers, converting them into visitors, leads, and customers, and promoters through the strategic development and deployment of the inbound marketing methodology.


I help you put the multiple, moving pieces of inbound marketing together by teaching, guiding and consulting, helping alongside you, or doing absolutely everything for you.



Success with Inbound Marketing:

To be get the best results implementing inbound marketing, you need – at a minimum – these moving and constantly evolving pieces:

Attract Convert Close & Delight
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Offer creation Lead scoring
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Call to action (CTA) creation Email marketing
Social Media Marketing (SMM) Landing page (LP) creation Marketing automation
Pay-per-click (PPC) Form building Closed-loop reporting
Content creation Contact/Lead management Traffic analytics
Public relations Lead nurturing Blog analytics
Offline campaigns Workflow development Call to action analytics
Campaign creation Landing page analytics
Personalization Campaign analytics
A/B & Multivariate testing   



How it works:

I work with a network of partners and vendors (or do it myself) to get you to your goals as efficiently as possible. Most often, I recommend and leverage the extremely robust HubSpot inbound marketing  software platform, but I can also work with any system, CRM and other platforms that you are already using and have in place.


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